Inputama Persada

What we do and why it matters

With more than 40 years of experience in the business, we know just what you need.

Inputama Persada is a family business that has been supplying businesses in multiple industries for more than 40 years. Many of our customers choose to stay with us because of our impeccable service and quality products from renown European brands.

Our experience in product applications includes industries in foods & beverages, bakery, perfumeries, fragrance oils, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, tobaccos and many more. We pride ourselves being reliable, fair, strong work ethics and customer focused, as our goal is to create long term relationship with our customers and grow together.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:To be the most reliable and sought after company in the industry as we continue to grow together with our customer base that transcends generations.
Our Mission:To build a long term relationship with our customer base using our experience, customer service and quality products to provide fair and reliable business experience.

Our History

Inputama Persada started in 1977, founded by Kwee Sing Hay and Rudy Widyanto, developing the business which started at their backyard. Through hard work and persistence the founders grow the business, acquiring clients that stayed with us until now.

Inputama Persada is a reliable family business that will carry on what has been passed to us by the founders to continue our growth with clear vision.

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